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StyroChem® is a world renowned producer of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) for food service, packaging, construction, casting and specialty applications.

Over 38 years of experience dedicated to manufacturing EPS for a variety of applications results in the most consistent and highest quality EPS products in the world.

With our strategically located sites in Montreal, QC Canada and Fort Worth, TX USA, StyroChem® is ideally positioned to service the North American and Global export EPS markets.

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A Favorable Mix

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Did you know StyroChem®...

  • Reengineered Expandable Polystyrene and gave “Foam a new end of life”
  • Is the only manufacturer to offer all 4 EPS grades
  • Has 97% of the automotive aluminum Lost Foam casting market due in part to its patented “advanced casting” technology
  • Manufactures to order as opposed to stock
  • Has the ability to customize order by grade, additive, screening and tonnage