Our environmental commitment is always a priority

EVRgreen™ EPS

EVRgreen™ EPS uses proprietary technology exclusive to StyroChem® which is homogeneously distributed throughout the polymer. It transforms a standard molded product into a product with a new end of life story.

StyroChem® reengineers Expandable Polystyrene “GIVES FOAM A NEW END OF LIFE”

EVRgreen™ is an exciting new environmentally minded product. It’s an investment in the future of our planet and the many industries impacted by the limitless uses for the EVRgreen™ resin. This breakthrough promotes the biodegradation of the many foam products we use in our everyday lives. Foam has always been recyclable in the few communities with facilities, but now we have an exciting new breakthrough that productively completes the life cycle of foam. Consumers can now rediscover and get excited about foam.

The majority of discarded plastics end up in biologically active landfills. Microorganisms found in these landfills are the key to the biodegradation of EVRgreen™ expandable polystyrene resin. These microorganisms interact with the resin’s chemistry to break down the polystyrene at the molecular level.

PS and the environment

Our new EVRgreen™ resin will enhance a variety of end-use products across various industries which include protective packaging for consumer products, containers for foodservice and diverse custom applications.

Cups made from EVRgreen™ EPS have shown to degrade 92% over 4 years under conditions that simulate both wetter and biologically active landfills*, using ASTM D5511 test method**. Wetter or biologically active landfills may not exist in your area. The stated rate and extent of degradation do not mean the product will continue to decompose.

*Present tests at 49% solids content approach the conditions of wetter landfills, such as in the Southeastern U.S. Biodegradation rates may be lower in landfills in other areas of the U.S. depending on moisture level in those landfills.
**ASTM D5511-11 specifies: This test method also may resemble some conditions in biologically active landfills where the gas generated is recovered and biogas production is actively promoted.